Schools and Colleges Storytelling

Schools and Colleges:

A suite of stories told to groups of pupils, possibly with the stories strung into "cycles" or themes, as required to fit session length ( usually about an hour or so). Story content, style and length is adapted for different audiences: there is no "This is the story and one size fits all" mentality.

A workshop day:

A linked series of stories, lasting between half an hour and an hour depending on the age of the pupils, interspersed with pupil participation activities, discussed and arranged with staff in advance, which might include such things as drawing the characters, deciding "what happened next", creating storyboards, solving a problem faced by the protagonists, or acting out a part of the story in groups. The details will depend on the ages of the children and the school's requirements, and activities will be organised and run by me on the day.

Stories and Discussions:

Popular with college and school Classics, R.E. and PSHE Curriculum Areas, and after -hours clubs and societies, Stories are told and then examined at different levels, to try to attain a deeper understanding of the culture, religion, mores, or world-view of the people listening to them. 

The time taken in total for each session could be anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours(e.g. for workshops) so break times, etc, can be worked around, and this means the same group could work through two or three sessions in a day, or more groups could each have a shorter session.

Teachers and LSAs or TAs will need to be in the room to help with supervision and activities. Maximum number of pupils - stories only, 90 per session, workshops, 60 per session.

Why Choose

Ravens' Tales?

Visits are always popular, and because I come to you it makes your lives easier! I will work with you to structure the day to meet your needs, working with one group throughout, or with different groups during the day.

The usual format is an introduction to the culture, including the assumed name and social status of the Storyteller, a pupil-assisted time-line and simple geographic information, followed by a brief explanation of the costume.