Organising Your Visit From Ravens' Tales.

Don't hesitate to contact me to chat about your requirements, with no obligation.

You can find out how, or make a booking, by using the contact details on the next page.

I will need to know the following information as you plan your booking:

  • Where you want me to be and when.
  • The type of group or event.
  • How long you want each session to last.
  • The approximate group size.
  • The historical period you require.
  • If you have a preference for particular kinds of stories.

Your Storyteller will need:

  • A performance space large enough to accommodate her audience which will be free from interruptions for the duration of the performance
  • Access to a ladies' cloakroom or other area to complete costume and make-up details.
  • A seat for the storyteller, although she will also move around. This is usually best at floor level, not on a stage, especially for children's & family groups.
  • Listeners' seating arranged to be close to the storyteller - a semicircle is often best if this is possible.
  • Water, squash, tea or coffee! (if possible.)

Scale of Charges:

Library or Event, Full day ---- from £150

School, Full day workshops,--- £180

School,Full day just stories, ---£150

Local School, half day,----------£ 85

Children's parties, (2 hours,up to 20 children)----------------------------£70

Daytime or Evening visits for groups, per hour,- ----------------------- £35

Plus mileage fee of 45p per mile, waived for very local bookings by negotiation.